When a bride and a groom decide to hire a wedding planner, they look for someone who can understand their vision, match their personalities and style. They profile different companies and individuals based on their own set of standards and eventually pick the one who matches what they are looking for. Not many couples know but the wedding planners also profile their clients to make sure they can deliver the service they need and that there is a very clear understanding between a wedding planner and a couple. At Vegas Weddings Planner, I do also have specific standards to my couples, however, I do not plan cookie cutters weddings. All my couples are unique in a way that they are a perfect VWP Couple. What is a VWP Couple? I’m happy to tell you.

All our wedding couples are beautiful inside and out. Happy in their relationship, fully invested in each other, loving and caring for each other, and, the most important, they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. They have unique ideas for their big day, they have their own style, and they truly want to show their personality in the wedding details. I love them for who they are, strong, independent individuals who know what they want but just need a bit of help to design their special day in a way they’ll never forget.

Foreigners, locals, high school sweethearts, advanced in years, LGBT couples, straight couples, vegans and vegetarians, environmentalists, rock-n-roll lovers, old vegas cats, nature lovers, pet parents…The list can go on and on. They all have their own ties that keep together but they all are my couples because I love and welcome everyone who is authentic in their needs, wants, and feelings, who just wants to celebrate love and be with each other as nothing else matters. That’s what a VWP Couple is. A couple that supports each other in every decision. That’s why our weddings come out so great. And I am here just to help to make all their wedding dreams come true…


Thank you all photographers who work hard to capture these special moments. Unfortunately, I do not have photographs of many many other couples as they requested to keep them private. But my heart goes out to all of my beautiful couples. You are all so important to me!

With love,