Do you ever feel like there are so many ways to celebrate your wedding day that you can’t focus on something specific? Do you feel like you want a luxury cruise line to be your wedding venue and have a red carpet for all your guests but you also kind of like an idea of getting hitched in some place tropical without even inviting your close family? Well, you’re not alone. Every bride and groom find themselves struggling to make up their mind on what wedding they want. However, not every bride and groom think about what wedding they actually deserve.

wedding of your dreams
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“What does it mean what wedding I deserve?” You’ll ask. “I am engaged, and I am getting married. What else is there to deserve?” Well, I’ll tell you what.

Your wedding is going to be one of the best days of your life. Correct me if I am wrong, but you probably picture it to be perfect. You envision your wedding day in light and airy hues of white. Some classical music is playing somewhere on the background. You can picture a florist decorating your reception tables. Your mom and dad are happy but not too overwhelming with their love. Your friends surround you as you are getting ready for the big moment. Then a glimpse of a wedding ceremony, “I dos”, and a huge party with lots of dancing, laughter, and happiness. Perfect!

wedding of your dreams
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Now, let’s talk about what makes the perfect wedding so perfect. All of this is going to be created, performed, and executed by real people. In order to have a perfect wedding, you need real professionals. The real professionals come with a price. The ideal venue has a very tight availability. The perfect dress does not fit. So, what do you do? You scale down. You try to cut corners. You go on Pinterest and look for other styles, ideas, looks, and eventually get lost in your boards, pins, screenshots, and already purchased decorations that no longer match your new vision…Not perfect.

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Well, what is the wedding of your dreams? We all know that we have to work hard to make our dreams come true. What do you actually do to bring your dream wedding to life? Are you fully invested in the planning process? Are you educating yourself on what’s required to have a successful wedding? Are you booking the right vendors? Are you allocating the right budget for this event? Do you do everything you can to have a dream wedding? Do you deserve a wedding of your dreams?

wedding of your dreams
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I guess what I am trying to say is we should never scale down on our dreams. While it’s important to stay realistic and reasonable, have you ever heard of a reasonable dream? A reasonable dream is a goal. A goal is achievable. Dreams make you fight for them. Dreams make you deserve them. And your wedding day should be nothing less but a dream. A dream come true.

With love,