“How would you describe your and your partner’s style?” my questionnaire asks every couple when we start planning their wedding day. I need to know what my clients are into and what they like and don’t like, so I can understand and see their vision and, as a result, assist them better.
“Colorful, quirky, eclectic,” the checkmarks highlighted Sarah and Christopher’s answers.

“How would you describe your ceremony in your own words?” was another question in the questionnaire.

“Vibrant, well-lit, and heartfelt yet funny,” the bride said. It is interesting to look at these answers now because their wedding ceremony was heartfelt and funny, but we went with a different style venue that was the opposite of well-lit.

On the contrary, the reception became very similar to the couple’s initial vision. We booked the House of Blues to host “an upscale cocktail party with after-party vibes full of Bossa Nova style music, fun speeches, pictures (professional and Polaroid and/or disposable cameras), and people hanging out having a good time.” The venue’s manager Christy Rasmussen is one of my best industry friends in town. She always goes above and beyond for my clients which I truly appreciate.

Sarah and Christopher were a very fun couple to work with. We quickly got on the same page about things that were essential and things we could be flexible with.

Photography was a significant part. After reviewing a few options, we picked Jamie Y Photography because it provided that moody and edgy look the couple was going for.

The ceremony was held in the Foundation Room. The venue allowed the couple and the guests to immerse in the elevated rooftop experience and enjoy the decadent lounge interior of this beautiful wedding at the House of Blues. The couple had their friend perform the ceremony. It was heartfelt, romantic, and with humor. Just how it was planned. Another friend accompanied on violin a “Sara smile” song for the Bridal Entrance. It was so sweet!

One of the other crucial things for the couple was entertainment. They wanted their guests to enjoy their wedding at House of Blues. We booked Knight Sounds Entertainment to play some Bossa Nova melodies, some Harry Styles music, and even some The Beatles. The DJ kept the room dancing and partying. And let me tell you, this group could dance!

On top of that, Sarah and Christopher set up a table with board games and cards for the guests to play. The thing I must mention is their programs. The couple made custom programs for the event that contained a crossword. It was not a random crossword. It was a replica of Christopher’s proposal. That was the way he proposed to Sarah! How creative are these guys?

Finally, I must mention our beauty team Vegas Makeup Artistry. Annie and her team did a fabulous job. Sarah, already beautiful by nature, looked stunning.

If I could say one thing to the couple, it would be that I miss them. It was a beautiful and memorable journey and I surely hope that married life is treating them well. My team and I were happy and honored to be a part of their wedding.

Please enjoy these memories, carefully captured by Jamie Y Photography.

P.S. We love working with couples who are looking for something unique and out of the ordinary. The other recent couple we planned a wedding for booked Keep Memory Alive Center for their event. It was fabulous. Read our blog post about it here.

Planner: Vegas Weddings Planner | Venue: House of Blues & Foundation Room | Photography: Jamie Y Photography | Entertainment: Knight Sounds Entertainment | Beauty: Vegas Makeup Artistry