While planning a wedding many couples forget the main reason of this event. A wedding is a celebration of love and unity. A wedding is supposed to be entertaining. Why else would you spend so much money and have no fun with it? Below are some very useful tips on How to Plan a One-of-a-Kind Wedding that your guests will be talking about far long after it’s over.

1. Create a Memory Lane Board

Memory Lane. One-of-a-Kind Wedding

Photo credit: Limelife Photography

Introduce your guests to some of the important parts of your relationship by showing a slideshow of your love story. Also it would be a good idea to create a wall with pictures that you took with your guests. They will be excited to see themselves on the memory board and feel very appreciated.

2. Hire a Comedian to Host your Wedding

Comedian. One-of-a-Kind Wedding

Nothing connects friends and family like laughing together. Make your wedding one-of-a-kind event by having a comedian to host your wedding. Your guests will enjoy a great show and have fun all night!

3. Set up an Entertainment Area

Potato sack game. One-of-a-Kind Wedding

Select an area to set up different games such as Foosball, Giant Jenga, Cornhole, etc. Let your guests have drinks and enjoy their time. Another good game would be Pictionary.  Nothing breaks the ice and makes people get to know each other better then fun competitions!

4. Hire a Cartoonist

Cartoonist. One-of-a-Kind Wedding

Hiring a Cartoonist will serve as a fantastic ice-breaking idea! It will entertain everybody and provide a great talking point. Your guests will leave with treasured memories of your fun wedding day.

5. Face Painters for Kids (and Adults)

Face painter.One-of-a-Kind Wedding

Face Painters are always a hit at any kids party. Why not to invite them for a wedding to keep kids entertained. Some of the adults may decide to get a fun picture on their face too.

6. Have a Themed Wedding and Hire a Videographer to Create a Movie

Themed wedding. One-of-a-Kind Wedding

Romantic videos are nice but so generic. Think out of the box. Ask your guests to get dressed in a particular theme. Then hire a videographer and ask him to create an artistic film to incorporate your theme. Your guests will be thrilled to star in a movie!

7. Put up a Pinata

pinata. One-of-a-Kind Wedding

One of the new trends out there is the wedding pinata! You don’t have to have a donkey or a cartoon character. Online you can find lots of different ideas for a wedding pinata. Fill it with some sweets or party favors for guests.

8. Invite Everyone to Play Arcades

Arcades.One-of-a-Kind Wedding

If you have a small party invite your guests to start a wedding celebration with playing arcades. Purchase enough tickets for everyone to play at least couple of games. Let your guests feel like kids again before you continue to the reception to enjoy food and drinks.

9. Build your own Blackjack Table

Blackjack table. One-of-a-Kind Wedding

Build your own Blackjack table and let your guests gamble a little bit. They can “buy-in” with a small amount and win chips for some sort of prize. You can use the money for the honeymoon which is an interesting idea to do instead of a money dance.

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