Welcome to the Luxury Wedding page! Congratulations on a magical journey you are about to begin! Your wedding will be a celebration of a lifetime and we’d be honored to make your dreams come true.

At Vegas Weddings Planner, we plan glamorous, fun, and very personal events. When you think of luxury, it is, first of all, a personal choice, a personal preference for your style and class. You are the one creating your lifestyle. And your love deserves to be celebrated in the most outstanding way!

Let’s start with questions.

  • How do you envision your wedding?
  • What kind of atmosphere would you like to create?
  • What would you like your guests to feel?
  • Can you see yourself walking down the aisle? What is it like?
  • Can you picture your decorations? What colors pop in your imagination?
  • What about scents, fabrics, and sounds?

Once you have a full picture of your ideal wedding, we’ll start designing your wedding day. We will discuss a perfect venue, then proceed with your wedding design. We will think of ways to incorporate your love story to let it shine throughout the entire theme of your event. This day will show the world how much you love and care for each other. After all, we aren’t just planning a regular party. We celebrate your commitment and create memories. And this commitment deserves the most luxurious and jaw-dropping celebration!

Planning a Luxury Wedding requires an input of experienced professionals who will be able to transform your ideas into reality. Contact us today to meet and greet and discuss your vision. We would be happy to learn what you have in mind and see how we can help.

With Love,

Regina Galiyeva