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You just got engaged, congratulations! You are full of happiness and excitement, looking online for information on how to plan your wedding. As you look through the wedding venues you notice that many of them offer a free wedding planner. What does it mean? Do you still need to hire an independent wedding planner ? If so what’s the difference between these two? Today I will explain the difference between an independent wedding planner and the venue wedding planner.

Who is a venue wedding planner?

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A wedding planner that comes with the wedding package are usually a sales manager that works for the venue. They get paid by the venue. They have about 100 wedding accounts a month to manage; you are going to be one of them. For this reason you have to be ready to be patient waiting to get your answers, especially in busy seasons. They are not only responsible to help you select the package but also for their monthly sales reports. The venue dictates their abilities to assist you with planning your wedding. A venue wedding planner will not be discussing with you the transportation, travel, accommodation, budget management needs, etc. You will have to take care on your own of all the wedding details that are not available at their wedding venue. Venue wedding planner’s paycheck and, as a consequence, his job stability depend on his/her service and sales.

Advantage: Free of Charge.

Disadvantage: You are still planning your entire wedding yourself.

Who is an independent wedding planner?

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Independent wedding planner takes care of everything. Hiring an independent wedding planner is like hiring a personal assistant for the entire wedding planning process. Starting from getting recommendations on reputable vendors to attending all your site visits, tastings, family gathering, coordinating your wedding rehearsal and, at last, implementing the day-of coordination, all of this are duties of an independent wedding planner. He/she is not tied down to only one venue, so all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch your wedding planner do the work. You have to be ready to be absolutely honest about everything you plan to do, otherwise, your wedding planner will not be able to provide the service correctly. Independent wedding planner’s reputation and, as a consequence, his/her business depend on his/her service and expertise.

Advantage: You have a professional to plan your entire wedding.

Disadvantage: Quality comes at a price.

It’s totally up to you whether you want to plan a wedding on your own or have a professional do it for you. However, before you start planning everything reach out to other couples who got married and ask them for an advice. Make a little research and see what fits you best. If you are interested to learn what Vegas Wedding Planner can do for you click here, and here to learn what real couples have to say about our service.