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1606, 2022

Sravya & Ricardo’s Las Vegas Hindu wedding

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As a wedding planner, I've been exposed to many different wedding cultures. It's always exciting to see and be included in such special moments and learn about the sacred traditions. Today's story is about how [...]

1506, 2022

Jasmine & Mark’s fabulous Las Vegas wedding reception

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On June 15, 2021, exactly a year ago, we scheduled our first consultation. Today I am writing about their wedding reception, which was one of the most fun experiences I've had as a wedding planner. [...]

804, 2022

Plan your Destination Wedding in fabulous Las Vegas

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Post-pandemic destination wedding celebrations have come back with full force in 2021 and increased even more in 2022. Despite the challenges caused by COVID-19, couples hosted and continue hosting amazing weddings both at home and [...]

2703, 2022

Wedding decor design as a form of self-care

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As we are navigating through 2022, a lot of us are struggling with some post-pandemic life changes, newly acquired mental health issues, financial difficulties, and other world peace issues that each and every one of [...]

1903, 2022

High Tea Table Decor – Playing with Inspiration

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It was a nice Sunday afternoon when I felt like having some tea. A coffee drinker normally, I was in the mood for something refreshing but something that would not make me jittery. There were [...]