So, you are tying the knot in Las Vegas! The “city of lights” and “the wedding capital of the world”!

What about some extraordinary and unconventional way of celebrating your wedding day then? What if I told that you can go back into 50s and enjoy the Elvis Presley era or try yourself as James Bond characters accomplishing the main mission of your life, or that you can get married on the Titanic? Excited? Vegas Weddings Planner offers you the most unique venues in Las Vegas for your perfect wedding celebration! Learn about them below:

Shark Reef


Shark Reef – what can be more thrilling than being surrounded by [...]



Cabana – this venue creates a unique outdoor setting, perfect for an [...]



Titanic – Did you know that Vegas can make your most ultimate [...]

The Neon Museum


The Neon Museum – you’ll be surrounded by dozens of vintage neon [...]

Nelson Ghost Town


Nelson Ghost Town – merely one hour away from Las Vegas Strip [...]



Stratosphere – if you love the thrill of the moment and you [...]

High Roller


High Roller – what about getting married at the most unique and [...]

Pirate Ship


Pirate Ship – what could be more exciting than a wedding ceremony [...]

Shotgun Wedding


Shotgun Wedding – pull the trigger and start your adventurous journey with [...]

Hotter than Hell


Hotter than Hell – you will enjoy the unbelievable ceremony with Paul [...]

Mob Wedding


Mob Wedding – you can throw a wedding that will top the [...]

Wedding Gondola


Wedding Gondola – your ceremony will take place on a white Wedding [...]

Back to 50s


Back to 50s – picture your guests gathered near the jukebox, serenaded [...]

Bond Wedding


Bond Wedding – you will find yourself in the middle of the [...]

Medieval Wedding


Medieval Wedding – enjoy your royal wedding in a real castle! Themed [...]

Dracula Tomb Wedding


Dracula Tomb Wedding – your love is timeless, so what could be [...]

Egyptian Wedding


Egyptian Wedding – if your love is as eternal as the Pyramids [...]

Gothic Wedding


Gothic Wedding – celebrate your undying love as the clock strikes the [...]

Eiffel Tower


Eiffel Tower – you’ll find yourself at the top of the world [...]

Drive Thru Lane

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Drive Thru Lane – for those who want to get married in [...]

Unique Vegas weddings are an exclusive option for extraordinary couples, as they bring a lot of fun and excitement to your very special day. So, if you are the one with unconventional taste, choose the unique venues of your dreams and let me make it real for you!