Las Vegas is famous for its numerous wedding chapels and crazy themed weddings for those who enjoy extreme and something unconventional, but if you are the ones who want to add some romance to your wedding day – at either indoor or outdoor locations, there are infinite choices to make your celebration remarkable and charming. As Vegas Weddings Planner I offer you the most fabulous wedding venues in Las Vegas for small weddings with their peculiar and extraordinary ambiance


Viva Las Vegas wedding chapels offer you five distinctive wedding locations to create a perfect wedding backdrop. The Main Chapel provides settings for both traditional, themed, or unique weddings as well as Elvis weddings. This exquisite venue is very elegant in style combining the charm and the advanced technology which features theatrical lighting and fog effects. The chapel can be easily transformed according to your imagination or vision of your wedding. If you prefer more tranquil but outdoor location, Viva Las Vegas provides two picturesque chapels in a quaint garden. The evening atmosphere with twinkling lights makes this place a real intimate hideaway for truly romantic couples. There is also a Little Chapel for cozy weddings if you plan the ceremony just for two of you or for some very close friends or family to enjoy a private ambiance. Little Chapel is a perfect choice for a small wedding in Las Vegas.


For a moment just imagine a perfect small wedding venue: elegant and serene, a pure oasis of bliss that is immaculate for you dream ceremony.

La Capella chapel is known as one of the loveliest chapels in Las Vegas.

It is a unique, warm, and welcoming venue with a splendid décor, which gives it Old World European feel. Performed in a minimalistic yet very tasteful and chic manner, accompanied by gorgeous chandeliers, dark wooden pews and graceful candles, La Capella will leave you stunned and willing to hold your breath as long as you can in a precious moment of exchanging the vows with your beloved one.


If you want to have a small wedding in Las Vegas and you are looking for somewhere peaceful and serene, The Wedding Chapel at Vegas Weddings is a perfect choice. A genuinely private atmosphere of the place, as well as its stunning décor and an exquisite charm make it ideal venue for an intimate ceremony with a little number of people.


It is a small tropical paradise-like place located behind the Flamingo Hotel. The cascading waterfall and placid pond create a scenic, naturally wonderful spot that is ideal for a private ceremony featuring 15 guests or less and is standing room only. So, if you want to enjoy the serenity and peace of the moment when you tie the knots, there is no perfect hideaway but Paradise Falls!



It is a small tropical paradise-like place located behind the Flamingo Hotel. [...]

So, if you are the one who is more romantic and prefers to celebrate their wedding in more quiet atmosphere, choose the fabulous small venues for your wedding day which I offer!Should you have any inquiries about the small wedding venues in Las Vegas, contact me at your earliest convenience. I will be delighted to answer all your questions!