Las Vegas is a real dreamland for those who are planning their marriage here. It offers a huge number of spectacular indoors and outdoors venues to make your wedding ceremony unforgettable. Here you can find everything to fit your personal exquisite taste. If you wish your celebration to take place somewhere peaceful and romantic – you are welcome. A great variety of outdoor chapels will win your heart with their elegant ambiance. If you want something unconventional and extraordinary – themed weddings will fit you best. But if you prefer to have a simple wedding, as Vegas Weddings Planner I also have beautiful options for you and your loved one. Among the most popular venues for simple Vegas weddings are: Terrace at Tropicana, The Terrace Gazebo, Heritage Garden at Lakeside Weddings and many others. Learn about them below.


This spacious, private patio is gorgeous for its stunning view over The Strip and its incredible skyline.

Nothing can be more perfect than having your wedding ceremony just before the dusk and enjoying the delicacy of sunset moments, which is simply breathtaking and moving. Towering palm trees and beautiful gardens add even more enchantment to this large stone patio and feature up to 150 guests.

Terrace at Tropicana is an ideal place for having yourself a simple wedding.


It is one of the most essential simple wedding venues among the newlyweds. If you are looking for a perfect outdoor hideaway, there is no other suitable option than Terrace Gazebo. This charming wedding chapel combines tradition with sophisticated design achieving a stunning trait of elegance.

You will experience a relaxed environment as you walk through the most important day of your life together. Surrounded by subtle greenery, Terrace Gazebo gives a fresh feel of charm and presence in the moment.

This gorgeous location is truly unique and immaculate for a private outdoor ceremony.

The Terrace Gazebo

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The Terrace Gazebo – is an ideal private venue for sunset ceremonies [...]


If you have always dream of a private and romantic simple wedding, then Heritage Garden is what you are looking for. Just picture in mind making your grand entrance walking under romantic green arches and taking fabulous photos in a wedding gazebo that leads over the water!

Even the entrance to this beautiful and enchanting outdoor venue is surrounded with lush greenery, tranquil trees and a stunning walkway!

Can you imagine a more brilliant location for your simple wedding in Vegas?

Of course, there are many more different locations if you want to have yourself a simple wedding in Las Vegas. Please browse them on the venues page and get back to me. I am sure you will find there a place to fit your outmost needs and expectations.


Should you have any questions about quick Vegas weddings, do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail or phone. I will be delighted to answer all your questions!