In the city that is synonymous with the word “wedding”, Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas will elevate your event with charming elegance, finesse and impeccable five-diamond service. This magnificent venue gives you an intimate and serene feeling of being in a perfect place for exchanging your vows. You can expect the grand and legendary excitement of Las Vegas right at the door of Four Seasons!

Offering both outdoor and indoor venues, Four Seasons manages to keep a fine balance between the homey yet exquisite comfort and scenic surrounding of natural settings.



At Four Seasons you are welcome to plan your wedding festivities outdoors in the warmth of the sun in a private lushly landscaped garden. A spacious terrace with a cascading fountain, a patio overlooking the placid pool, and a stunning balcony that seems to float over this lovely scenery are at your very service.

North Balcony


North Balcony – located on the second floor, this very private space [...]

Press Patio


Press Patio – located just off the lobby, adjacent to the PRESS [...]

Fountain Terrace


Fountain Terrace – an ideal hideaway featuring a spacious patio with a [...]



If you want to feel like the stunning refinement of Four Seasons, or ascend a gorgeous staircase for your very perfect wedding photos, or dance in a spacious exquisite ballroom, or merely to enjoy the modern décor and lounge-style convenience, then indoor venues will be perfect for your intimate wedding ceremony.

Mojave and Sierra Hospitality Suites


Mojave and Sierra Hospitality Suites – these gorgeous apartments are perfect for [...]

Palm Room


Palm Room – it is a residential style place featuring arched ceilings, [...]

Mesquite Room


Mesquite Room – located on the second floor, this very special room [...]

Acacia Ballroom


Acacia Ballroom – performed in soft neutral tones, featuring arched doorways and [...]

It is difficult to find as luxurious place as Four Seasons, so if you are the ones who admire chic and exquisite surrounding, this venue will be a perfect choice for you private wedding ceremony. Contact me if you have any question about this place.

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