When it comes to wedding preparation, people tend to think it’s all about stress and anxiety. This is because you have to consider a venue, decorations, wedding ceremony, music and other details in order to make your celebration just as brilliant as you want to. But that what you think of as a stressful activity can be a real fun, enjoyable, and exciting thing to do with a Wedding Planner like me!

My name is Regina Galiyeva. I am Vegas Weddings Planner and I believe that this very special day of your life should be planned and coordinated in the most exquisite manner so that you and your loved one remember it a long time from now. My job is to take the burden of your shoulders and let you enjoy your wedding preparation from the very beginning till the end.

Among other Las Vegas Coordinators I offer you an unforgettable experience of planning your wedding ceremony with no stress, in an unconstrained and easy atmosphere accompanied with friendliness and loyalty. I am dedicated to deliver a positive attitude to my clients and an excellent performance of my work.


As for my personal skills, I possess the knowledge of English, Russian, and a bit of Spanish. I am extremely communicative, enthusiastic, and able to interact with people of different cultures. I believe that building a good communication tie between people is a first step to make them happy.

As Las Vegas Wedding Coordinator I offer you a number of services and brilliant venues to suit your most desired needs and expectations. Learn about them on my website.

I am proud to provide a top level of organization, creative themed weddings, patience and quick problem solving. Once I understand your dreams, I can help you create an immaculate and memorable experience for all those who attend celebration. Depending if you are planning an intimate celebration or an elaborate wedding party for up to 500 guests or even more, let me help you make it a special event that will correspond your budget and will reflect both your style and taste. With Vegas Weddings Planner like me you will save you time, money and stress, making it possible for you to enjoy your wedding day with family and guests.

I can ensure you that with me and my team you will have the memories that will last you for a lifetime.

Call me today for your free consultation and make a first step towards your dream wedding.

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