I am very glad to see you on my website!
My name is Regina Galiyeva and I am Vegas Weddings Planner. I enjoy meeting new people and making their dreams come true.

My initial goal is to organize your wedding in the most unforgettable way! My team and I are dedicated and talented professionals who aim to build friendly relationships with our clients and deliver excellent results worth remembering and admiring. We believe in offering you the top level of our service, personal communication, skillful consultation, and a precise look at details. As Vegas Weddings Planner, my team and I are striving to meet your most desired expectations!

When it comes to planning a wedding a lot of things come into play such as a choice of a venue, an appropriate service, purchasing a suitable package, making your mind about the ideal place of your celebration.

Oftentimes, these questions are accompanied with worrying and stress, but as a Vegas Weddings Planner I ensure you that planning your wedding with me and my team is easy, fun, and exciting thing to do! Even more, it is a great chance for me and you to make friends, as it is also a brilliant opportunity for me to make all your dreams come true!

As for my personal skills, I speak English, Russian, and a bit of Spanish. I am extremely communicative, enthusiastic, and able to interact with people of different cultures. I believe that building a good communication tie between people is a first step to make them happy.

I am devoted to help you come up with creative ideas and themes, accompany you at the venue on the day of the wedding, and guarantee that everything goes to plan. My key point is not to miss a detail of your very best celebration.

What makes me and my team different from other Las Vegas Wedding Planners is:

  • Individual approach to our clients

  • Stylish and extraordinary wedding planning

  • Precision and accuracy to details

  • Special offers and packages

  • Excellent level of service

  • Aiming at perfection

  • Quick decisioning

As committed professionals my team and I want you to make sure that you have chosen Vegas Weddings Planner as the rightest place to start your wedding preparation!

If you want to learn more about my services please contact me at your earliest convenience.